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by Alberto Miles


Regular change of your car filter and oil is the most
important service you can give you to your car to ensure that it is always in a
great running state. This is because with time the oil and the filter get jammed
by contaminants.

How long the oil lasts after it is changed depends
completely on the type of car you drive and your driving habits. Newly changed
oil may take up to 3 months or approximately 4800 kilometers for it to be
changed again. The car owner’s service manual has a section on service
information and it is important to consult it before engaging in the car oil
changing process for your bmw 700 series review.

The interesting part is that changing the oil in your car
requires very little knowledge on cars, and luckily it’s inexpensive and you do
not even need a mechanic or a professional to do so. So do not wait any longer
to change your car oil if it needs a replacement. The following part is going
to cover how you can easily change your car oil.

Step 1

Drive the car and pull over on a level ground. Ensure that you have enough working space
where you pull over. Engage the breaks and leave the car for about 5 minutes.
This is to ensure that the oil is not too warm to burn you as you drain it from
the car. If necessary raise the vehicles’ front part by using a jack. It is
very dangerous to get under a car that is supported by a jack only. You can
make use of wheel chocks to ensure that the wheels remain firm on the same

Step 2

Lay a pan or a small bucket under the engine for collecting
the oil. Locate and remove the cap on the engine. Under your car locate the
drain plug on the engine. If you are not sure which one it is, look for the
exhaust as it is always hooked on the engine. Remove the drain plug by rotating
it clockwise using a wrench or a socket that is properly sized. The oil will
obviously start coming out and you can wait as it takes time. Clean and inspect
the gasket, plug, and the drain. They may be worn out and need a replacement.

Step 3

Locate the oil filter and unscrew it. Replace it with a new
one which must be the same size as the old one and ensure the threads are not
crossed. Then take the oil you intend to replace with and add it to the fill
hole. The capacity your car can handle is listed on the car’s service manual.

Always ensure the oil added is the correct type. If you’re not sure always consult with the oil
dealer where you purchase it. You can then check on the dipstick to ensure that
you put the right capacity. Finally, replace the fill cap. You are all set and
you can start the engine to confirm you did it right. The oil pressure light
immediately goes off.

The Sten Submachine Gun

by Alberto Miles

The Sten Submachine Gun—the name coming from the initials of its designers, R. V. Shepard and H.J. Turpin, and those of the RSAF at Enfield where they worked—was the first example of a new breed of cheap and simple full-auto infantry weapons that came to be adopted by many of the world’s armies. Introduced in June of 1941, the Sten gun reached a total production of approximately 3,750,000 by late 1945

At the outbreak of World War II, Great Britain desperately needed a rapid-fire weapon that could be mass-produced inexpensively and quickly. The Sten submachine gun was the answer, and could be considered Great Britain’s first 20th century infantry arm. A masterpiece in design in terms of low cost and rapid production, the crude but effective Sten gun was developed  at the British Government’s Enfield Arsenal.

The Sten gun’s bolt system and its horizontal feed mechanism were derived from the earlier Lanchester Mk.1 Submachine gun, which itself was a copy of the German Schmeisser MP28. The horizontal placement of the magazine allows the user to crouch closer to the ground while firing.

Initially, the British Government (Member of the British 1st Airborne Division on alert with Sten, left) issued the Sten gun only to its own troops. By 1943, however—with Sten production rates rising as high as 47,000 per week and manufacturing costs down to $9.00 per gun—many thousands of Sten guns were dropped by parachute for use by resistance units operating in enemy-occupied territory.

Despite its rough appearance, the Sten gun performs on par with far for expensive submachine guns. In fact, the Sten gun’s success was a major factor in the United States Army Ordnance Department’s to develop its own M3 submachine gun, also known as the ‘Grease Gun’.

It only had one major fault—it was prone to misfeeds as a result of a poorly designed single-feed magazines which also required a special loading, or filling tool. Unlike the AR-15 Upper Receiver – One of the most famous weapons malfunctions in history involved a Sten with a faulty magazine. On May 17th, 1942 a Czech partisan calmly stepped in front of a car containing Reinhard Heydrich, the Reichsprotektor of Czechoslovakia, at a road junction, leveled his Sten and pulled the trigger, only to discover that compressed magazine lips had prevented it from feeding a round. His partner fatally wounded the SS General with a hand grenade instead.

Turnabout is fair play. Just as the British parachuted Sten guns to the French resistance prior to D-Day, in the latter stages of the war, the Germans made exact copies of the Sten Mk.II and dropped them behind allied lines to German guerilla units in France.


by Alberto Miles

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Tips for Finding and Buying Waterbed Sheets

by Alberto Miles

Waterbed sheets are a unique set of bedding accessories that differ from typical bed sheets. In essence, you are fitting a sheet around an object filled with water that is often larger and behaves differently than a solid mattress. As such, it can be challenging to find the right size and price for items such as a California King Waterbed mattress or a twin mattress model. This article will give you some tips on how to find waterbed sheets for sale, what pricing is acceptable as well as good discounts and proper models for your particular waterbed or reclining couch.

If you have owned a waterbed for some time or are a new owner, you have probably realized that typical bed sheets, even though they may be big enough, just do not seem to fit your bed properly. This is because a water bed is not a solid object as most mattresses are making it difficult for regular sheets to stay on the bladder, or the mattress that is filled with water. The best thing about fitted sheets is you can put them on your couch and loveseat set to match your living room. To start looking for the right sheets, owners must know what type of waterbed mattress they have.


A typical waterbed mattress has soft sides and the entire mattress looks like one big bladder of water when filled. If this is the model that you have, there are particular features in a sheet that you should be looking for. Soft side waterbed mattress sheets have fitted pockets that are deeper and narrower than a typical fitted sheet. The pocket is essentially a triangle shaped piece of fabric that is sewn onto the bottom of each corner of the fitted sheet and it extends far further under the mattress than a regular fitted sheet. Trying to put a fitted sheet onto a water bed mattress that was made for a regular mattress is fruitless because it will only slip off or may fit too loosely. A fitted sheet with pockets that are narrower at the corners will allow a firm grip on the corner of the bladder so that sheet can more easily and securely fit and hold onto a softer object.…

Try These 4 Excellent Cardio Exercises

by Alberto Miles

An excellent cardio workout can be done in the gym or at home without having to run for miles or spend hours on the treadmill. These body-weight moves are low impact, heart-pumping exercises designed to increase cardiovascular endurance and burn fat.

The four moves below can be added to any workout. Do them between your exercises for strength training as an active-rest or add them to a cardio routine or to the start of a run.

Perform each move for 30 – 60 seconds and try to complete two rounds, working up to three rounds as your strength increases.

1. Long Jump – Jog Back

Start by standing with your feet hip width apart and bend your knees slightly.
Swing both your arms back while bending a little deeper at the knees.
Then swing your arms forward as you jump forward as far as you can, landing lightly on the balls of your feet. You can also check out if the bowflex pr1000 is worth the price with this review. 
As quickly as possible after this move, jog backwards to the starting position.
Repeat this exercise for up to 60 seconds and for 2 – 3 reps.

2. Invisible Jumping Rope

This exercise requires a certain amount of imagination.
Imagine that you are jumping rope, but hop over an invisible rope, making small movements with your wrists as though you are turning the rope.
At the same time hop over the invisible rope, staying on your toes.
With each hop, push off from the balls of your feet.
You do not need to jump any higher than a couple of inches off the ground.
Keep up the jumping for 60 seconds and repeat 2 – 3 times.

3. Step-Up

For this exercise you will need to use a sturdy bench or a chair.
Place your right foot on the bench. Bowflex has a great weight lifting bench that you can use for your exercises and can find out with a great bowflex max m5 review.
Using only your right glutes, push up so that your right leg is straight and your left foot is off the ground.
Slowly lower allowing first the left foot and then the right foot to touch the ground.
Repeat 2 – 3 times focusing only on the right glutes – do not attempt to push off from the left foot.
Repeat by placing the left foot on the bench and using the left glutes.

4. Skater

Start by standing with your feet hip width apart and slightly bend your knees.
Jump towards your right with the right foot and land lightly on the ball of the right foot, sweeping the left foot behind your right leg in a skating movement.
Swing your arms in rhythm to the movement
If you can hold the positon, do not put weight on your left foot but continue with the movement.
Immediately jump towards your left with the left foot, sweeping the right foot behind your left leg …