An excellent cardio workout can be done in the gym or at home without having to run for miles or spend hours on the treadmill. These body-weight moves are low impact, heart-pumping exercises designed to increase cardiovascular endurance and burn fat.

The four moves below can be added to any workout. Do them between your exercises for strength training as an active-rest or add them to a cardio routine or to the start of a run.

Perform each move for 30 – 60 seconds and try to complete two rounds, working up to three rounds as your strength increases.

1. Long Jump – Jog Back

Start by standing with your feet hip width apart and bend your knees slightly.
Swing both your arms back while bending a little deeper at the knees.
Then swing your arms forward as you jump forward as far as you can, landing lightly on the balls of your feet. You can also check out if the bowflex pr1000 is worth the price with this review. 
As quickly as possible after this move, jog backwards to the starting position.
Repeat this exercise for up to 60 seconds and for 2 – 3 reps.

2. Invisible Jumping Rope

This exercise requires a certain amount of imagination.
Imagine that you are jumping rope, but hop over an invisible rope, making small movements with your wrists as though you are turning the rope.
At the same time hop over the invisible rope, staying on your toes.
With each hop, push off from the balls of your feet.
You do not need to jump any higher than a couple of inches off the ground.
Keep up the jumping for 60 seconds and repeat 2 – 3 times.

3. Step-Up

For this exercise you will need to use a sturdy bench or a chair.
Place your right foot on the bench. Bowflex has a great weight lifting bench that you can use for your exercises and can find out with a great bowflex max m5 review.
Using only your right glutes, push up so that your right leg is straight and your left foot is off the ground.
Slowly lower allowing first the left foot and then the right foot to touch the ground.
Repeat 2 – 3 times focusing only on the right glutes – do not attempt to push off from the left foot.
Repeat by placing the left foot on the bench and using the left glutes.

4. Skater

Start by standing with your feet hip width apart and slightly bend your knees.
Jump towards your right with the right foot and land lightly on the ball of the right foot, sweeping the left foot behind your right leg in a skating movement.
Swing your arms in rhythm to the movement
If you can hold the positon, do not put weight on your left foot but continue with the movement.
Immediately jump towards your left with the left foot, sweeping the right foot behind your left leg …